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Rugby Special

Formula One

The Rits Formula 1 Club - Club prices on beers, spirits, ciders & glass wine.

Co Ordinators:

 Mike Marle Cell: 083 4153926, Email:  mjmarle@mweb.co.za

 Paul Morris Cell: 072 4356195, Email: paul.morris@canon-ct.co.za

 Wayne Van Niekerk Cell:  083 4606380, Email: wvanniekerk2@oldmutual.com

During Race: Membership card must be presented

  • Predict the Podium  (Top 8 finishers) R10 per entry (as many entries as you like).
  • Predict first Pit Stop (Team or Lap) (1 entry pp) Free shooter.
  • Predict first Crash / Spin (Team or Driver) (1 entry pp) Free shooter.
  • Predict Fastest lap (Team or Driver) (1 entry pp) Free shooter.
  • Predict the Driver On The Move, best driver improvement after 5 laps (1 entry) Free shooter.

Games/Incentives: Podium prediction points -Top 8 -highest points takes pool on the day and points are carried for the duration of the GP Season. Person with the highest points at end of the season will win the main prize of a weekend away at Club Mykonos.

  • Depending on sponsorships obtained during the season, prizes will also be awarded to second and third places at end of season.
  • Lucky draw for each race for a Cooler bag or alternate prize, decided by lucky draw raffle ticket.

Rules for Participating: 

  • Choose top 8 finishers.
  • Score actual Podium points for correctly predicting the 1st 3 positions (10, 8, 6) in any order on podium.
  • Score 1 point for each correct prediction in top 8.
  • ‘No Show’ scores lowest points for the day, e.g. lowest points score is 7 then ‘No Shows’ gets 6 points for the day.
  • Prediction forms to be handed in and paid for (where applicable) before GP starts.
  • Point scoring will be in accordance with the rules.
  • Predictions will be played every race irrespective of the number of people attending that Race.
  • All prediction forms must be kept for records.
  • Points carry through the season to final.